Tradition for Future


Tradition for Future is a project implemented by CA Village,

co-funded by the Ministry of Culture and Education of the Republic of Serbia.


Main objective of the project is preservation of tradition and cultural heritage of our region by selecting the best musicians from our area to adopt, produce and record modern versions of two traditional ethno songs and, on that way, made them closer to the taste of younger generations and preserve them together.

Results of the project have been presented in Bor on October 26th,during the live performance of our band and studio recordings and video of our versions of those songs have been uploaded to our You Tube channel, with no restrictions to be played in public or linked on other sites. On this occasion, we are kindly asking our members and friends to share the links on social networks to increase visibility of our music:

Our musicians and their biographies have been presented in the bellow given leaflet (Serbian version only):

Special guest was young musician from Bor Stefan Radovanović, playing traditional hand made instruments – fife and “duduk”: