“Good and bad land 2017”

Fotosafar 2017


Association “Village” and Photo Club “Balkan”, in co-ordination with the Association of Young Researchers Bor and Mountaineering Club “Dubašnica” from Zlot, 0n May 26-28th  2017, organized another international photo safari called “Good and Bad Land 2017 ” which was attended by 17 eminent photographers from Slovenia and Serbia.

The first day of the photo safari began with photo sessions at the location of Lazar’s cave and the beautiful landscape of Kovelj view point.

On the second day, the participants visited the Surface mine Veliki Krivelj, and, on the third day, the participants visited the Brestovacka Spa, recorded the beauty of Dubašnica, where they had a unique opportunity of attending the traditional custom called “Bacijanje”. Photo safari was completed by visiting the Robula Lake.

The program was implemented with the support of the CSOnnect program realized by the Regional Environmental Center (REC) and financed by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)

Participant’s impressions:

Jasmin Suljanović- Slovenija:

„ There are six of us came here from Slovenia. I am really impressed with landscape and have to say that it is first time for me to see surface mine which is breath taking for photographers.“.

Maja Stošić- Paraćin

„ Many people are not aware that there are so many intersting sites around Bor. It is interesting to see mines and factories but nature around Bor is really exceptional“.

Borislav Milovanović Foto klub „Balkan“

„ Those sites were selected for being attractive for photographers and representative for the promotion of our area“.

List of the participants

  1. Jožica Trstenjak
  2. Marko Burnik
  3. Aleksander Novak
  4. Robert Brezigar
  5. KlemennKlemenc
  6. Jasmin Suljanović
  7. Borislav Milovanović
  8. Ivan Mitrović
  9. Maja Stošić
  10. Zoran Purger
  11. Milenko Randjić
  12. Igor Mitrovic
  13. Dragan Novaković
  14. Jovica Zečević
  15. Raša Milojević
  16. Damir Mihajlović
  17. Dragan Ilić

Organizational Board:

Vukosav Antonijević

Novica Radulović

Jugoslav Djordjević

Saša Vulić

Adem Fazlijević

Danijel Aleksić

Snežana Djoševska

Nataša Randjelović

Some of the art photos made during manifestation: