“Good and bad land 2013”

Photo safari was organized on May 17-19th 2013, in cooperation with Photo club “Dunav” from Donji Milanovac i Mountaineering Association  “Dubašnica” from Zlot

TV Bor.’s report


Our guests were using their cameras, during the weekend, to “shoot” on the slopes of Dubašnica, Vojala and Krnja Jela, onto the abundant natural beauties of eastern Serbia. Twenty photographers from Belgrade, Sombor, Zajecar and Bor, participants of the first photo safari organized by the UG “Village”, have been inspired by the beauty of our region.

-“We intend to affirm East Serbia and present it in its fullness and expecting an increase in the number of participants and the support of the Photo Associations of Serbia, – said Vukosav Antonijevic, president of “Village”.
Shooting sessions were also performed at the Bor’s river location and the landscape around the mine in order to present devastating effects of human’s activities onto the natural environment.