Eastville ethno song 2015

„Eastville-ethno song“ festival was held on June 19-21st 2015.

Opening ceremony was held on the plateau in front of House of Culture in Bor. Opening speech was given by Mr. Dalibor Orsovanovic, vice-President of Vlach’s National Council.


On the second day we held two concerts: In Brestovacka Banja and in Brestovac village and on the third day in Sarbanovac village.

During the Festival our guests were presenting traditional Vlach’s Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian, Bunjevac’s, Croatian, Ukrainian, Slovenian, Slovacian and Bosniak’s ethno songs but also and competing in preparing traditional dishes.

Our special guests who were attending the Festval: Mr. Iulian Nitu, Consul General of Republic of Romania in Zajecar, Mr. Dalibor Orsovanović,vice-President of Vlach’a National Council, Ms. Evica Kokelić, member of Vlach’a National Council, Ms. Nataša Tošić and Mr. Bojan Barbucić , members of Romanian National Council, Ms. Milena Jovičin, member of Greek’s National Council, Mr. Noni Davidovski, representative of Macedonian national minority, Ms. Elizabeta Rašić, representative of Slovenian national minority i Ms. Ljubov Panasenko, representative of Ukrainian national minority.

General sponsor of the Festival was Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia, sponsor was Rakita Exploration doo Bor, and media sponsor was TV Bor.

Our partners in realization of the Festival were DOO Srpska kruna Brestovačka banja, FE “Đido” Brestovac, FE “Branislav Nušić” Šarbaovac, Local Administration of Brestovac, Local Administration of Šarbanovac, SUBNOR Bor, Vlach’s Cultural Center Bor, Initiative of Romanians in Serbia, Slovenian Cultural Association “Drago Čeh” Bor andAssociation of Macedonians “Pelister” Bor.