Eastville ethno song 2014 (IIS)

Eastville ethno song 2014 was held under the title “International East of Serbia” (IIS) on June 19-22nd 2014.

Opening event was held at the Cinema Hall in Bor. Opening speech was given by Mr. Sаšа Vukаdinović, Deputy Mayor of Bor.
On the second day, after visiting Lazar’s cave, two concerts were held: In Zlot village and in front of Lazar’s cave.
Round table  on the subject „Ljublаnа Guidelines“ and concert of ethno songs was held in Sarbanovac village.
On the third day, after visiting Brestovacka Banja, guests and participants were attending  final event of “Village meetings” in Slatina village.

And on the final day, after the reception at City Hall, given by Mr. Zivorad Petrovic, mayor of Bor, closing event was round table discussion on the subject “Human and minority’s rights, tolerance and multiculturalism“ moderated by Mr. Sean Mc Greevey,  Project Manager of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorites


Izveštaj Medija centar Bor