About us

NGO “Village” , Movement for developing Eastern Serbia, has been founded on November 10th, 2007. In order to realize our goals, we are actively engaged in preserving diversities and cultural heritage of Eastern Serbia, promotion of multiculturalism, as one of the most significant value of this area, organizing, on our own or in a cooperation with various organizations, public forums, seminars and various forms of public gatherings, publishing printed and multimedia publications, representing interests of our members, and preparing, coordinating and realizing wide specter of projects.

Our main goals are development and promotion of civil society as well as improving social awareness and managerial skills at rural areas and regional centers in order to increase employment as a main condition for survival of our villages.
Anyone who accepts our goals and respective commitments can become a member of our organization. Our members are of different social, educational, religious and national profiles, fully representing complexity of Eastern Serbia. We are especially proud on the fact that among us are representatives of 9 different minority groups
We are non-profit organization and our activities are mainly financed by project financing  (IBRD, UNDP), but also through donations from Republic’s and municipal budgets and private person’s and partner organization’s donations and member’s fees. Large portion is realized by volunteer’s engagements and donations of own members.
Our primary AOR is Eastern Serbia.