Arrangement of a park in Slatina village

Considering that in the cleaning of the coastal area of the Borska River from solid waste in 2017 results were achieved in Slatina and increased the responsibility of the population to take care of their environment, this year the arrangement of the park financed by the company Zijin was agreed, and the entire action was realized in cooperation with Slatina Local Community, local self-government, Citizens Association “Village”, as well as the Public Utility Company “3rd October” Bor.


At the initiative of the Council of the Rural Local Community of Slatina, Rakita company, which operates within the Chinese mining corporation Zijin Mining, provided the complete arrangement of the park in the center of that village and the planting of trees in the coastal area of the Borska River.


It is actually planting over a hundred conifers and about 50 deciduous trees and ornamental shrubs, and the most important thing is that the park will have an automatic underground irrigation system with timer, which guarantees successful watering and sustainability of the greenery.

Support for park arrangement was given by the Department for Planning and Development of the City Administration of Bor, and the main supervisor of greenery in that Department Anita Djordjevic explained that along the river behind the Culture Center in Slatina lindens will be planted to prevent soil erosion, and in the park in the center of village there will be trees of lower growth: red haws, Southern catalpas and ash trees, as well as medium and low ornamental plants.


First tree has been symbolically planted by Rakita’s Deputy General Manager  Gan Yonggang and a representatives of above mentioned organizations.




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