Malinik 2017

Seventh International Folklore Festival “Malinik” was, as always,  organized by CA “Village“. CA “Village” aims at preserving the tradition of eastern Serbia, as well as fostering multiculturalism bearing in mind the fact that 27 different nations are living in Bor, making it a role model of diversity in Europe. That is why this festival is an ideal opportunity to present Eastern Serbia to guests from other countries, as well as to familiarize the hosts with the traditions of others.

As an opening event, concert “Modern presentation of Vlach’s traditional music” performed by Bojan Cukic, Dragoljub Firulovic – Firul and Goran Stankovic was held at the National Library in Bor. The concert was attended by local citizens but also and by the Mayor of Bor, Mr. Aleksandar Milikic, members of the Municipal Council of Bor Municipality, Vice President Vlach National Council Mr. Dalibor Orsovanovic, Director of the Cultural Education Center in Petrovac na Mlavi Mr. Slobodan Peric as well as the directors of the Institutions and Public Enterprises from Bor.

After the introductory speech given by Mrs. Svetlana Anđelković, Village’s PR, concert was opened by the Mayor of Bor, Mr. Aleksandar Milikić.

Folklore performances were given during the Festival’s evenings at Metovnica (August 25th), Brestovac (August 26th) and Manastirica (August 27th) by folklore ensembles from Bosnia and Herzegovina (FA “Panonija” Tuzla), Macedonia (FE “Risto Donev-Ucetelot” Stip), Romania (FE “Carasul”Gradinar), Bulgaria – FE “Zeravke” Vidin and VE “Rosen zdravec” Dunavci) and from Serbia (FE Bunjevac Cultural Center “Tavankut”Tavankut, VE of the Greek Cultural Center “Sloga” Subotica, VE Slovenian Cultural Association “France Presern” Niš and “Drago Čeh” Bor, FE “Horreum Margi” Isakovo, Cuprija, FE “Izvor Mladosti” Kladurovo, FE “Vitez” Viteževo, FE “Polet” Metovnica, FE “Đido” Brestovac and FE “Jovica Janković“ Manastirica). During the festival days, the hosts were spending quality time with their guests, presented them the natural attractions of their area, prepared traditional dishes specific to this area, and, in the evenings, enjoyed a joint cultural and artistic program.

Panonija Tuzla



The specificity of this festival is that the performers were young people to whom this was the first opportunity to come to Serbia, socialize with their peers and establish a friendships that will nurture in the future. Young people could exchange their experiences and learn the culture of various parts of the Western Balkans. They realized that, in addition to cultural diversity, there are many similarities connecting them. At the breakup, everyone express their wishes to meet again next year.

Etno jela

UG “Village” Bor, with its enthusiasm, managed to organize the festival for the seventh time by the unselfish commitment of its members and friends and to, for the first time, expand it to another district – Branicevo. The Association’s desire is that the eighth festival and every subsequent one will attract moreand more participants from the region and other European countries as well. The aim of the association is to get as many as possible cultural activists, primarily young people, to come and get acquainted with the cultural heritage of eastern Serbia, and to offer a chance for a young people from our region to make new friends all over Europe.

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