Malinik 2016

Traditional International Folk Festival “Malinik 2016” was held from on September 16-17th 2016.

As a opening event, at the National Library in Bor, on September 16th, the Curator of the Museum of Bor, Ms. Suzana Mijić, held a presentation on the topic “Traditional customs of the Vlachs”.

On September 17th , the folklore part of the festival was held in Brestovac where Folk Ensembles from Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia presented their cultural heritage.




Within the Festival, an ethno exhibition of old furniture in Brestovac was organized, competition in prepairing and an exhibition of traditional dishes in Brestovac, as well as a sales exhibition of souvenirs of home made and agricultural products.

Malinik was organized by NGO Village assisted by  Council of Brestovac and Folk Ensemble  “Đido” Brestovac