Public discussion forum held at Brestovac village

On March 21st 2017 at 19.00 hrs, an event in a form of public discussion  on the subject “Proposal of the plan for general regulation of touristic area Bor’s Lake- Brestovac’s Spa and it’s influence to Brestovac’s area“ was held at Brestovac school’s hall. Event was organized by NGO Village in cooperation with partners from CSonnect project and Brestovac municipality.


Representatives of Rakita company, Brestovac’s Council (including Chairman), NGO Village, Association of Young Researchers, Slatina village, Krivelj village and local citizens were attending the event. Presentation of Plan’s proposal, given by Ms. Sanja Apostolov, was followed by constructive discussion. Summary of the proposals and objections on the proposed Plan was prepared by CSConnect project partners and submitted to Bor’s Municipality (see bellow)

 Predlozi i primeddbe PPRTPBB1

Predlozi i primeddbe PPRTPBB2

Predlozi i primeddbe PPRTPBB3

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