Photo Safari “Good and Bad Land 2019” – Join us!

Photo Safari “Good and bad land 2019”, organized by CA “Village” and Photo Club “Balkan International”, will be held on May 24th thru May 28th 2019. Program has been adjusted  and improved according to suggestions and proposals given by our dear friends, last year’s participants (special thanks to Penny, Spike, Lukasz, Rade and Klemenc for their honest and constructive critics and proposals). Photo sessions will be held at the most attractive natural attractions but also and at devastated areas of Bor and it’s surroundings.  Food will be, as You requested, based on local traditional cuisine, served at the location most participants will be accommodated. For the report on last year’s event, please, visit our web-site :   Digital version (PDF) of the last year event’s catalogue can be found HERE

During the five day’s event, photo sessions will be held at the locations of Lazar’s Cave and Lazar’s Canyon, surface copper mine’s pit, stone pit, “Red Lake”, “Bacije” (shepherd’s gathering), Bor’s river, rural village Gornjane and presenttation of traditional custom, charcoal production facilities (“Ćumurane“), and rakija (traditional Serbian fruit brandy) production facility at Boljevac. Exact time table of the event will be available on our web site by the end of the year.


Be advised that accommodations are not luxury apartments but are clean, with all required facilities, chosen to accommodate all participants at the same location in order to give us more time to spend together. But, upon request, participants are also free to book own accommodation in town or at Bor’s Lake (on own expence).


Deadline for submitting registration requests is March 31st 2019. Submitting fully filled registration form ( Annex A- RegistrationForm) is necessary for successful completion of registration procedure, so, please, do it by the same deadline. Please be aware that the number of participants is limited so registration applications and advance payment will be processed according to first come-first served principle.


For any additional info, feel free to contact us at  anytime

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